Choose YOU to lead your life + business by your design

Your self-worth = Your net worth


The world doesn't need more brands. It needs more people lit up and excited with what they are contributing. People so passionate about their great work, they inspire everyone in their orbit. 'Ooh, I could do with a bit of that myself.'

As it's creator, it’s YOU who makes your work uniquely valuable.

For sure, you’ve floor-to-ceiling qualifications, experience and cred, but it’s what people believe you can help them do that magnetises them to you and compels them to hire you.


Branding is a transformational quest—a call to adventure—to arrive at your most fearless, delightful and integrated self to create a business you love to live in and a legacy you are proud to grow into. It’s experimental and surprising, challenging and super-satisfying, purposeful and playful. Because you and your master piece(s) are needed.

Through strategic and intuitive insight, integrated storytelling and inspired design, we help you spark connections that opens conversations between your brand and those ready to experience it again and again.

Ready to become complicit in your own creation?


Upgrade your vision. Direct your mission.

Embolden your message.

Integrating strategy, creativity and the intelligence of love to co-create BRANDS at every stage of their evolution.


I am Eilish Bouchier.

Eilish, said like Irish...

replace the 'r' with an 'l' and you're there!

Creative director, brand strategist, designer and visionary alchemist. I created immaterial to bridge the gap between the mystical and material worlds (mission + money). The way I see it, Business + Life is a Spiritual Practice inviting a deep connection with each of my clients, who are likely friends I just haven't met yet. 


With over 30+ years in the creative and wellness industry I've got my own slant on things and methodologies that reflect my values. I've lived in some great places working for globals (Apple, Vodafone, McAfee, Scholastic) and locals (Two Swedes Cooking, Ela Nedra, Resonance Together, Wealthwise Education). I'm multi-passionate and multidimensional. You likely are too. For sure I'm an intuitive creative, a grounded visionary and trust the universe has my back – and yours. And I'm a gypsy who likes home.

The stories you bring to your work, brand, clients, money, your body, conversations changes your relationship with them. This, in turn, changes the results.

Business is, at its ideal, a revolution of elevation: when we are fully in synch with our true purpose, it organically unfolds into prosperity, then pleasure and, ultimately, liberation. My purpose is to ensure you and your business are wholly aligned strategically, intuitively, purposefully, profitably and playfully. The New Business Paradigm is all about culture —YOU and your business as a force for good in the world.


Allow me to serve as your guide as you develop a business you’ll love to live in and a brand legacy you’ll be proud to grow into.

Curious? Come, get to know me. . .


Activation - Transformation - Integration


Alchemy of Flow

A private membership community for purpose-led businesses blending intuition, entrepreneurship, self-care and aligned action.


Business + personal by design for designers, artists, photographers, writers, wellness + lifestyle coaches like yogis, foodies, healers and stylists.


Business Programs

Co-creating with you
Business and branding that works for you. Create something worthwhile.

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Brand Services

Done for you
Soul aligned vision, voice & visuals. Liberate your creativity with a clear and consistent brand system.


Yoga Classes

Weekly Yoga + Meditation: Live and Online
Energetic Mastery: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, aligned astro energy, chanting, sound baths . . .


2021 Retreat

Soul adventures with like-hearted souls.




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