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blending dreaming and daring, intuition and strategy, entrepreneurship and action.


A better world needs visionary leaders —
curious and courageous, imaginative and visionary, bridge builders for cosmic consciousness.


Step into the Flow


Ready to make your vision and take action for an intuitive, aligned, intuitive, embodied, bodyful and profitable business real — like, now — but don't know where to start?

In the Alchemy of Flow, we weave strategy, mastery and mysticism to help you go from a confused Seeker with a dream to an embodied, confident Visionary changing your world and the worlds of those your serve. 

We'll connect you with other wonderfully inspiring teachers, mentors, and experts — the most clever and creative in their respective fields — and give you well-grounded guidance on what organically and reliably works when it comes to intuitive business. 

Curious? Because that's who you are.

The gateway is the
Alchemy of Flow Practice


It's like ordering intuitive, visionary leader roadmap on your most audacious Christmas wishlist, and then being amazed when Kris Kringle drops it right in your lap. Wazoo! 

I created this framework — complete with accountability, teachings and tailored content — to fill all the 'gaps in your education' for intuitive entrepreneurs and leaders, because as there's no blueprint for heart-centred intuitive business yet (though my
InsideOut Practice has been described as better than an MBA!)

I built this curriculum to weave all the multidimensional  aspects of intuitive entrepreneurship and leadership, and to sew them together in a way that felt organic, generative, everyday tools and inspiring.

Mysticism, magic, intuition, integrative wellness and conscious business practices belong together like hand-crafted shoes. They inform and support each other, and expand how we as leaders show up.


You don't need more to do as an entrepreneur. You need to trust yourself to be whom your business needs you to be so you get done what matters to get the results that move the needle today, as you journey towards yours vision, aligned and lit up.


Alchemy of Flow is a simple to learn practice that develops your intuition and self-trust.

Dreaming and crafting a clear success plan from solar goals to monthly lunar intentions guiding you from a pretty-stressed seeker to a vibrant aligned visionary.


when you join, you'll get

  • 12 x 90 minute New Moon Strategy Sessions online ($150 value)

  • 12 x New Moon Theme Strategy Workbooks pdfs ($97 value)

  • 12 x Lunar Meditations Audio ($150 value)

  • 4 x 90 minute seasonal planning workshops in person/online ($600 value)

  • Private Collective Group Forum ($550 value)

  • 4 x Seasonal Accountability Buddy ($600 value)

  • Alchemy of Flow Annual Planner pdf ($33 value)

  • Lunar Practice eBook ($33 value)

  • 2021 Lunar Calendar Poster pdfs ($27 value)

  • Lunar 8 Phases Poster pdfs ($33 value)

  • 12 x Healthy Wealth Creation Practices audio/pdfs ($297 value)

  • Guest Speakers on all topics Business + Life by Design ($327 value)

  • Access to Yoga and Meditation Library ($600 value)

  • How to Use the Akashic Records for Business + Life, Love and . . . ($199 value)

  • How to use Pinterest to Drive Free Traffic to your website to grow ($199 value) 

  • Content Batching and Rocking your Rhythms  Training ($199 value)

  • Astrology for Business Success with Anne Louise Holland of Venus&Vesta ($99 value)

  • Sales as a relationship with Joseph Blaney ($99 value)

  • Express Yourself with light and sound channel Louise Charman James ($99 value) 

  • Leaders in Kind with Skye Garside ($99 value)

  • Systemic & Personal Power Structures with Professor Justin O'Brien ($99 value)

Payment plans available

Imagine an engaging and thriving intuitive business community with supportive fellow co-creators and collaborators, without the hustle and overwhelm. A place you can talk strategy and soul, content and crystals, dreaming and divining, impact and influence, money and mastery.

Whether your vision is to finally launch your idea into the world or to uplevel your business to 6+ figures so you can have more impact and influence, Academy of Flow Success Practice and community is here to support and inspire you. 

Your intuition led you here if you're a ...

creative professional - designer, artist, photographer, yoga + meditation teacher, bodyworker, consultant, healer, wellness professional, energy healer, and purpose led businesse. 

Payment plans available
Payment plans available

so, here's a little falling in love with your future...

  • Everyday you're connected with a supportive divine, diverse, inspiring group of likeminded leaders exchanging ideas, tools and tips

  • You are growing your sphere of influence, impact, clients, impact, revenue and resources beyond what you could ever imagined possible. 

  • You know where you're going and you know what to do next because you've got a proven success plan to follow.

  • Wow! Not only is all of this possible, we’ve created the gateway to help get you there 10x faster. 

  • Business + Life by your design is sweet!

Payment plans available


Emma, Team Leader

Eilish, I love your work—you take the fluff out and make it accessible and real.

Louise, Healer

'I always walk away with a different perspective, expanded and inspired. Feeling I so needed that and thinking I would never have thought of that. And it makes so much sense.'


'That's exactly what I do and that's exactly who they are. I've been going round and round in my head for months and you've done it in minutes. OMG I knew I should have come sooner.'

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