New Moon Strategy Session
Business + Life by design

Monthly business + life strategy sessions scheduled on the new moon of the month.

A daily practice in tune with the moon.

There are rhythms and cycles everywhere our lives.


We rise with the sun, wind down as the sunsets (maybe with a sundowner :-)

We have rituals and routines as we move through our days journalling, coffee, exercise, yoga, sleep time and more.

As the seasons change we alter our clothing, food, habits and patterns. 


And whether we acknowledge it or not we deeply feel omnipresent cycles of infinity, life, death and rebirth through.

We love to watch the sun rise and sun set and as many of us notice the moon as it waxes and wanes through it monthly cycle.

We accept it pulls the tides and given that we are 70% water is it a stretch that it tugs on us a little too.  So why not create rhythms and patterns around the moon cycle?

In my decades of working with people and businesses the recurring challenge is taking clear, focused and consistent action to accomplish their goals aligned with their vision.


A moon cycle is short enough

  • to hold our focus,

  • prescriptive enough to satisfy our rational mind and

  • long enough to accomplish a project, an eBook, a small business website, a new offer or kick-start a new lifestyle habit and it's 

  • trackable and measurable. SMART goals meets esoteric

In my experience the moon is a natural barometer of our subconscious and moods, emotions and feelings.

The Sun is symbolised as a more visible, masculine or doing energy. The moon takes the role of the more feminine intuitive energy. And, as the moon is in direct relationship with the sun, it’s cycle represents a holistic prosperity cycle as it flows between intention, clarity, strategy, focus, action, review, refinement and restoration.


It offers a natural and more effective way of accomplishing our goals and living in tune with our essential nature.

These Moon Strategy Sessions are practical alchemy.


We are intuitively tuned into these vibrations of time and transition and yet in digital world its easy to imagine we can transcend these natural cycles. These sessions are a simple guide on how to work with the natural rhythms of the moon so you’re more effective and efficient. You get more done, yet you work less.

In my decades of working with clients and businesses the recurring challenge is taking clear and consistent action aligned with their vision.

Many of the people I work with are overworked, hustling hard to meet deadlines and obligations, pushing themselves to achieve more, do more, give more. They are over-scheduled, under-nourished and under-rested, with too much time on and not enough time out to even consider what they really want or how they might best accomplish that. They feel they are constantly chasing their tail. They long to divine deeper within themselves to discover who they really are and create their work in alignment with their essential nature. They want to use their hard-earned skills and experiences, serving others while also feeling full themselves. And they are over the burn out cycle. They want to work, live and be well.

Those who learn to work with the ebb and flow of the moon cycle, report they feel they can finally breathe (and sleep better) as you naturally connect to your life force energy: in your body, work, life, relationships, and environment. The result is more vitality and ease as you organically open to more prosperity, pleasure, peace and playful liberation in your work and life.


You finally break the cycle of excitement to burnout as you embody your deeper desires and live more lightly and purposefully. 

And once you embody it you can do it over and over, again and again and I bet you’ll wonder why you lived any other way.


This way of living feels natural and in flow instead of resisting and struggling against the tide. You’ll feel more able to ride the waves and guess what, when you rock your rhythms your success is inevitable.

We'll use these New Moon Strategy Sessions to work together on your business + life strategies under the energy of this new moon's theme and create a plan for you to implement aligned with each of the 8 phases of the moon cycle.  


These sessions will guide and support you to accomplish your goals and dreams in bite sizes that compound to realising your bigger vision. You'll learn to tune into the energy current and work with each phase (8 per cycle) and cycle of the moon to set intentions, make plans, take action, review and reflect on where you are meeting resistance, what's working, obstacles you are encountering and experience work as purposeful play.


You'll cultivate your relationship with the unknown, gathering your energy and resources in preparation for when the time is right to take aligned action and month by month you'll be grounding your ideas into your reality and getting the results that actually matter.

Could you open to ease?

Monthly Strategy Sessions Monday 16 & Tuesday 17 November
New Moon in Scorpio Theme: Delight in your desires. I understand and embrace my delicious desires. Mantra: I embrace everything I desire.
Time is TBD
Zoom Online Meetings or Phone Call
what others are saying

"Eilish, I love your work—you take the fluff out and make it accessible and real.'

'I always walk away with a different perspective, expanded and inspired. Feeling I so needed that and thinking I never thought of that and it makes so much sense.'

‘My experience with Eilish was a miracle: illuminating, expansive and grounding. I feel I’m overflowing with inspiration that feels like iridescent light-based clarity. There was a beautiful balance of receiving inspired clarity and also anchoring structure, intelligent design of release sequence strategy, and client accountability to my offerings. I loved every minute, playful laughter came through a lot, along with profound realisations about my next steps that already feel fruitful as I move toward them.'



'Thank you infinitely Eilish. Our time was a delight, yes, and so much more!'

'That's exactly what I do and that's exactly who they are. I've been going round and round in my head for months and you've done it in minutes. OMG I knew I should have come sooner.'


This is a group program to design the business and life you love to live in as you build the brand (reputation) and legacy you are proud to grow into. We'll do this day by day, month by month creating systems and structures; incrementally accomplishing what you need, want and desire as you do what fulfills you and serves others.


Our lives are the compound interest on what we do every day and who we are being as we do it. It's not what you occasionally do but what you do daily that builds your success, wealth and prosperity - mentally, physically, emotionally spiritually and socially.


Each month we will get together on the New Moon for  a 90-minute group deep dive session with Eilish, a new meditation and your monthly workbook. Each month you will set intentions within the context of the current planetary energies, ground and get clear on where you are at, reflect on what the last cycle brought and brainstorm the next. You'll work with an accountability buddy to download, review, release, reset, plan, set intentions for your business, brand and marketing strategies complete with to do lists and yes! your personal life aligned with your bigger vision and the phases of the moon.


Our sessions will be workshops to create the framework for your actions for the next month. They will always

  • be conversational, dynamic and co-creative with

  • a short talk

  • a meditation

  • time for q&a and

  • hot seats for those who wish to workshop a particular issue. I always aim for effectiveness over efficiency and intuitive action over hustle 


When you sign up you'll receive a book explaining the energies of each phase and some suggestions of how to work with it.


I recommend you commit to a full year. Your first moon cycles will be experimental: calling you in greater awareness of your habits and patterns (good and maybe no longer useful one :-). Adapting your rhythms and mindset to create new ways of being and doing takes time. Once you find your way you'll wonder why you ever worked any other way. And as you develop your practice and find more you'll find the structure and support of like-minded travellers inspiring and co-creative.


We can't do it all alone. We all need support, mirroring and head/heart storming with someone who gets us. Together, we can work through inspiration, ideas and thinking. These sessions will be tremendously valuable, giving you insight into your business, yourself, your audience and how you are communicating and connecting with them. They are designed to prioritise what will move you forward aligned with the cycle's energies and your most pressing needs.


In time, we can cover all of the above and look at your businesses foundations and frameworks systems to liberate you, so you become a benefactor of your future self so the future may be convenient for you as we move deeper into the the Aquarian Age.

we'll always keep it in context of

  • Vision: Where are you going? Where are you now?

  • Mission/Purpose: Why you do what you do? Whom do you serve?

  • Priorities: What do you need to focus on first and in what order to achieve your business + life vision?

  • Planning: What do you want and need to do this month, to move forward.

  • Measurement: How will you know you're making  progress?

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